Sunday, 25 August 2013

Furless Makeup Brushes Haul and Review

Hey guys,

I have been on a look out for good quality cruelty free makeup brushes for a while now. I personally feel investing in makeup brushes is better than buying tons of makeup which does come with an expiry date. I was initially looking at the Sigma website for brushes but they were too expensive with the postage included. 

I then came across Furless via some youtube guru's and was really excited because they had good quality brushes with a flat rate shipping of $5. International shipping is a flat rate of $12.50 for orders under 500 gms. I took the opportunity to buy a few eye brushes and one face brush. They also stock makeup but I have not tried it out yet. 

Overall I am totally satisfied with my purchase although I was a little skeptical when my package arrived, looking at some of the brushes ( I will explain in detail when I review each brush individually)  but in the end when I used them I was totally convinced. Furless Cosmetics is cruelty free and vegan.
They have different themed brushes but their standard brushes are with the blue handle and golden ferule. They do have some weight and are not cheap looking in any way. 

You can buy these awesome brushes here

Now onto the brushes review.

This brush is the Bronze Blending Brush BC11 $9.95
I use this brush to blend out concealer under my eyes and around my nose. Does a great job and does not leave any streaky lines.

This is the Must Have Pro Buffer Brush PRO4F $14.95
I love this brush to apply mousse foundations and also to buff on powder foundation. Does a great job with my Studio Fix Powder Foundation, really buffs in the product. Another thing this brush does is when you want a really intense contour, lightly pack on some bronzer to the very edge of the brush and use it to contour the cheek. Provides a sharp line which you can buff out using the brush flat.

This is the Must Have Pro Eyeshadow Brush PRO8E $11.95
I was disappointed when I saw this brush cause it is huge and I have small eyelid space so I thought I wouldn't be able to use it for detail work and I really wished it was smaller. But I made it work and whenever I am in a rush I use this with one colour all over my eyelids and I am ready. It is a very easy look brush for me.

This brush is the Must Have Pro Blending Brush PRO2E $11.95
This is another brush I was disappointed with but I was wrong. This blends eyeshadows into each other like a pro. Perfect to apply the brow bone colour and inner tear duct eyeshadow. I wouldn't say its a must have but I am happy I made it work.

This is the Must Have Pro Domed Blending Brush PRO7E $11.95
Again huge brush but blends like a dream. Two swipes and your done. I love using it with a very light hand as I have a thin crease to blend any eyeshadow. 

This is the Perfectly Pink Stubby Eye brush PPE2 $9
My favorite brush out of the lot. It is a tiny eyeshadow brush perfect for doing detailed work. Also great to smudge eyeshadow on the lower lash line. I used to think my ELF eyeshadow brush is the smallest but this is even smaller. I love this brush and it is totally a must have.

For all you make up brush hoarders out there these are great quality brushes and with the flat rate shipping I think you should try them out. The brushes are priced moderately too. You can buy them here.

Have you tried the Furless Makeup Brushes????

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