Tuesday, 26 August 2014

L'oreal Infallible foundation Review

Hey guys,

I picked up the new L'oreal Infallible foundation a few weeks ago when they were on sale at Priceline and have been using it religiously since then. I have tested it a lot and think I can give you a really honest review about this foundation now. (Warning- Pic Heavy)

L'oreal - A make-up with superior hold and moisturising comfort for 24 hour flawless coverage, no touch ups required. Fighting imperfections and shine without compromising on moisture,  skin is left truly infallible.  With the added benefit of Hyaluronic fresh complex, skin is kept refreshed, hydrated and flawless with a foundation that lasts all day without ever caking or drying.
RRP $31.95

I am in the colour 150 Radiant Beige and this foundation comes in 7 shades ranging from the lightest being Vanilla and the darkest being Honey. I am an NC 37-40 in MAC and this shade suits me perfectly.
This foundation claims to have full coverage and ingredients to give a flawless hydrated base. I completely agree with the claims L'oreal have made, as this foundation is pretty darn impressive. I have very uneven skin with a lot of acne spots. By applying multiple thin layers, I can achieve almost full coverage (for my liking) with only this foundation. If I want to look completely flawless I will add a tiny bit of concealer but most days its only this foundation on my face. 

Left- Unblended, Right Blended over green vein In Shade.

Left- Unblended, Right Blended over green vein In direct sunlight.

I have used this foundation with multiple products and I am going to tell you what my favourite combo is. We will start with primer, I found that using a water based primer opposed to a silicone based one works really well and helps blend the foundation into the skin better. With a foundation like this it is very easy to have too much on your face. I have tried multiple brushes, sponges and my fingers but the best applicator I found for this foundation is the Real Techniques Buffing brush. Also use thin layers instead of putting on two pumps in one application, or else it cakes like crazy. Another thing I found with this foundation was using a loose powder to set it gives a flawless look, but using a pressed powder completely ruins the look. 
As you can see in the above pics I have blended the foundation over my wrist which has some veins showing and this foundation really covers the colour pretty well with just one this layer.

My favourite primer to use under the L'oreal Infallible foundation is the Australis Primer and I like setting it with the Australis Ready Set Go finishing powder. All these three products go really well together.

FOTD Wearing the Infallible foundation.

I do work long hours and have tested this foundation for 11 hours after application. It does emphasize dry patches so make sure to exfoliate and moisturize really well. First of all it oxidises so it is safe to go a shade lighter than you normally would. Secondly, you have to set it with a powder if you have oily/ combination skin or else you will look like a grease ball in 6 hours. Even with a powder I find that close to 7 hours I get a tiny bit shiny but blotting it with a tissue seems to fix the problem. After 9 hours there is some patchiness around my chin and nose. At the 10 hour mark it faded away from my forehead and cheek but not drastically. It didn't last 24 hours as it claims because I haven't tried it for that long but 10 hours is pretty long too so I am not complaining.

Overall I think this is a really good foundation if you are someone who doesn't have the time to touch up during the day and would like a flawless even finish. I do highly recommend this foundation if you can find your shade match which is my only complaint.

Have you tried the Infallible line from L'oreal? What do you think of it??


MAC Osbournes Collection- My picks and swatches

Hey guys,

Most of you would know MAC collaborated with Sharon and Kelly Osbourne and came out with a really fun collection that is now available in Australia online and in store.

I picked up a few products from the collection and I am quite impressed with them. From the Sharon Osbourne collection I picked up the blush in Peaches and Cream and lip pencil in Cranberry. From Kelly's collection I picked up the blush in Cheeky Bugger and lipstick in Kelly Yum Yum.

I really like both collections packaging which is red for Sharon and a light lilac for Kelly. Also Sharon's packaging is more glossy and Kelly's packaging gives a satin/ soft look. All the products have the corresponding signatures on them, which I thought was really cool. 

So now onto what I think of the products, the Cranberry lip pencil is a gorgeous medium reddish pink which looks really good on its own or topped of with a nude or clear gloss. I am going to be using this pencil a lot during spring and summer. Peaches and Cream blush is a gorgeous pink colour that looks absolutely beautiful on the cheeks. The consistency is a little hard but I get that with all MAC blushes. That does not hinder the pigmentation of this blush, you only need a little product for a full impact. The finish if this blush is Satin and there is no shimmer or glitter in this blush but it is not completely matte too.
Kelly's blush in Cheeky Bugger is a little disappointing because it is a little too light for my complexion. I can still work with it now, but in summer when I get a little tanned this would completely wash me out.  It is a light baby pink colour with warm undertones. When I swatched this shade I had tiny flex of glitter transfer to my swatch. The finish of this blush is Satin too but I am not sure if mine had a teeny tiny bit of glitter in by mistake. Lastly I got the lipstick in Kelly Yum Yum which is a bright candy pink  with more warm undertones. 

In shade L-R Cranberry, Peaches and Cream, Kelly Yum Yum, Cheeky Bugger.

In direct sunlight L-R Cranberry, Peaches and Cream, Kelly Yum Yum, Cheeky Bugger.

As you can see in the above swatch there are some flex of glitter on Cheeky Bugger. It did not transfer to my cheek but I could see some in the pan too. 

Overall I think this was a very nice collection with some really different colours and my top picks would be the Cranberry Lip pencil and Peaches and Cream blush. Both these products would look good on a wide variety of skin tones.

Did you buy anything from this collection? What are your top picks??


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Benefit Haul

Hey guys,
I ordered a few things from the Benefit US website and wanted to share with you the products I bought. The main reason I wanted to place an order was because I wanted to try the Lolli Balm as it was not released in Australia but it has released now and you can buy it from Benefit counters at Myer for $26. 
It is definitely cheaper to purchase Benefit from the US website if you want to try out a few products as they have free international shipping if you spend over $125. 
Now onto the products I bought.

First off we have the Lolli balm RRP USD $18 which is a new release by Benefit and it is a tinted lip balm. I love the candy pink packaging and it smells delicious. 
Next I purchased the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation in I'm all the rage Beige RRP USD $36.  The last single product I purchased was the boxed blush in Rockateur RRP USD $28, this is a gorgeous neutral blush shade which I am really into these days. 
Watts Up has been on my 'to buy' list since last month when I saw it being demonstrated at the Sparkling Soiree event I attended. I took advantage of the 'Customize your own kit' in which you can select 4 products from various categories for $79. It all comes in a cute makeup bag which I forgot to include in the picture. 
I picked up the Porefessional Agent Zero Shine powder, Watts Up, Boing Concealer in number 3 and also the Hydra smooth lip colour in Talk Flirty. I did save $20 by opting for this kit instead of buying all these products individually.
For the free samples I chose the It's Potent eyecream and Triple performing facial emulsion.

Overall I paid $170 AUD for all these products and if I bought them from here I would have had to pay around $268. Thats savings of almost $100!!

If you really want to try out some Benefit products I highly recommend buying them from the US website. Maybe ask a few friends and make a joint order. I am really excited to have a play around with my new products.

Have you tried the new Benefit tinted lip balms? What do you think of them?


Monday, 18 August 2014

Holy Grail Skincare Products

We all have some skincare products that work wonders for our skin and are hard to part with. I have found some really amazing products that I will not regret repurchasing all my life.

First off we have Origins Drink Up- Intensive, this mask is geared towards people with dry skin but I have oily, combination and skin and love using it during the winter. This mask isn't like a traditional mask that you apply and take off in a few minutes, this is more like a deep hydrating moisturiser that you put on at night before bed and you wake up to soft supple skin the morning. I also used this during my trip to India in the flight. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated in long flights as the air conditioning dries out your skin. I took it in a tiny sample container and applied this on my face when I felt my skin was feeling tight and dry. If you are scared to use this on oily skin just grab a sample next time you are at Mecca or Kit and I assure you are going to love it. 

Next up is the Glam Glow Youthmud Mask, this product is not cheap but the results it delivers are amazing. I got a sample sachet of this from my friend Nalini and just chucked it in my sample drawer thinking it was just a waste of time. Then I saw some videos on youtube which featured this product and immediately tried it on. I am not exaggerating but the results this mask gives is phenomenal. My skin feels cleansed, pores look smaller, overall complexion looks brighter and so soft that I always want to keep touching my face. This size that I have here is a smaller size available for $22. I probably would get around 4 uses out of this and I think it is completely worth it. I am not sure if Mecca gives out samples of this mask but if you can grab a sample, just try it out and you will go running back for more.

Another hyped- overpriced product is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum that I am running low of and desperately waiting to stock up on. I bought this serum last year around October and have used it since almost every night. I can totally tell the difference when I don't use it on some nights as my skin feels very dry and dull looking. When I use this product I do not use a toner as I want this to be the first product to sink into my skin after I have cleansed it. I do wake up with healthier, radiant looking skin when I use this product.

Last but no the least is this Tarte Maracuja oil which I again use only at night over the EL ANR. This product is hard to find in Australia but there are some websites that do ship Tarte products here and the prices are almost 4 times the original cost. I wouldn't mind paying that much because I know this product works for me. You only need 3-4 drops for your entire face and neck and this oil smooths out the skin's texture but does not feel heavy or oily. I have tried rosehip oil before but I think this does do a lot more for my skin than any other traditional rosehip oil. 

Do you have skincare products that you will keep repurchasing? Let me know what works for you in the comments below.


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Sparkling Soiree Melbourne Blogger Event

Hey guys,

I attended the Sparkling Soiree a few weeks ago, which is a blogger/ vlogger event organised by the lovely Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty and Melissa from Bbubbles16. It was held at The Gallery Room in the city which was a beautiful cosy event room. 
The event started off with Erin performing a facial on Bethany and then the gorgeous ladies from John Plunkett, Benefit and LonVitalite gave us product demos and information. 

Melbourne Bloggers

All the items in the goodie bag

I had a fun afternoon and got to meet so many new bloggers from Melbourne. We also got a goodie bag filled with amazing products from Bobbi Brown, Lush, Shangai Suzy, John Plunkett, Hydraluron, Lonvitalite, Benefit, Sugarpill, Babe, Ardell, Enbacci etc. 
I really look forward to more events organized by The Sparkling Soiree, it was a good way to learn about new products and meet some wonderful girls from the blogging world.


Saturday, 9 August 2014

Ivory Lash Review

Hey guys,

Those who read my blog may know that I love false lashes and when I saw Ivory Lash on Instagram, I knew I had to try them out. 
Ivory Lash- "So this is how our story begun. Based in Sydney, we feel it is about time that affordable mink lashes are made available in Australia. We searched high and low to find a supplier that abide to our standards of quality and guaranteed no cruelty free practices. Luckily for us we found it, and we want to share this excitement with you. At Ivory Lash our mission is to enhance your naturally radiant eyes, we want all women of all ages to discover their inner goddess to feel confident and beautiful. Our products are made of the finest mink hair and handcrafted to ensure the quality of each lash. Each strand of lash is carefully placed onto a flexi cotton band to give your eyes a voluminous natural look. Mink lashes have a natural shine and luscious property that is almost indistinguishable to our own lashes. These lashes are especially comfortable for everyday use as they are soft and light as feather. No wonder mink false lashes quickly become an essential makeup accessory loved by many celebrities."
I have never tried Mink lashes before and although they are very expensive I find the quality of lashes remarkable. For everyone who has never tried false lashes before, I would recommend to try Mink Lashes atleast once and you are going to be hooked.  

The lashes I bought are the "Smitten Kitten" from the Natural collection. They come in a neat cardboard box with a plastic insert which hold the lashes. These lashes are as light as a feather and super luxurious feeling. This particular style starts off shorter at the inner corners, cris-crossing its way to the outer corners where the strands are longer. I personally find lashes on a thick band very uncomfortable and prefer lashes that have an invisible lash band. But Mink lashes have to have some support thus are on a thick cotton band. To my surprise these lashes were very comfortable to wear and I did not even feel them on my eyes. They also blend in very naturally and don't look as though I am wearing lashes. I don't like very long lashes as they look quite unnatural on me and these have the perfect length that I look for in lashes.
These lashes are also reusable to about 20-25 times if you take care of them so that comes down to $1 per application which is not bad at all, considering human hair / synthetic lashes can be used 4-5 times and retail for half the price but come down to $3-4 per application. The picture above is after 4 uses of the lashes and they still look like brand new.

Overall I am very happy with the quality of Ivory Lash in Smitten Kitten and would definitely love to try out more styles especially from their Plush collection. These lashes retail for $25 and can be bought from here.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Lust Have It Fab Box July 2014 Review

Hey guys,

I have been a member of the Lust Have it! beauty subscription service for quite sometime and had never tried the Fashion box called Fab Box. A few months ago I received a $20 coupon to use against any of Lust Have it's boxes so I thought why not give the Fab Box a try. 
The Fab box costs $35 monthly and you get 4-5 Fashion and Beauty items. The items I received in the July Fab Box are 

Marsk Tassie Tan- Mineral Bronzer RRP $45, 3.5gm
Achieve your beach- fresh look with this wonderful soft chocolate, fine natural mineral bronzer exclusively from Marsk. Consisting of pure, natural minerals with built in SPF protection, Marsk Mineral based loose powder is 100% natural and strictly cruelty free (not tested on animals) Full Size.

Marsk Mineral Blush Watermelon RRP $45, 3.5gm
A wonderful, all natural blush that works with all skin shades. Marsk Mineral Blush cosists of pure, natural minerals which are deeply pigmented so you will only need a little to achieve that perfect blushed cheek. 100% natural, mineral based loose powder that are strictly cruelty free (not tested on animals) Full Size.

Designer Brands Outrageous Volume Mascara RRP $9.99
Outrageous Volume Mascara is a mega impact volume mascara that will give you bold and dense lashes for a show stopping look. Easy to apply, the formula glides on effortlessly leaving extra-black lashes that are dark and dense thanks to the ultra-black pigmented formula. Full Size

LHI Accessories Beautiful Blue Print Scarf RRP $24.95
This beautiful blue print scarf adds warmth and style to your winter outfit. Style tip: Try wearing it with warm shades such as orange or red for a stand- out look.

LHI Accessories Teal Bib Necklace RRP $19.95
This gorgeous deep teal and gold bib necklace is the perfect accessory to glam up any outfit. Style Tip: Try teaming it with against a contrast colour such as purple to make your outfit pop.

I am not a huge fan of the makeup received but I could use them as eyeshadows instead. The mascara has a nice consistency and it has a standard mascara bush. I will have to use it a bit more to see how I like it.
The teal necklace is the most exciting product for me in this box. I love teal jewelry and this is going to be a great pop of colour for the winter as well as when we head into spring. The scarf that I got is a very sheer cotton scarf that will be great in spring and summer because it is very light.

Overall I am quite impressed and would definitely stay subscribed to this service.

Have you tried any fashion and beauty boxes? What do you think of them?


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Milani Blushes Haul and Swatches

Hey guys,

Those who follow me on Instagram may know that I bought a bunch of Milani blushes from Cherry Culture and Beauty Joint recently and here I am sharing with you the swatches of the blushes I bought and my initial thoughts. 

L-R Amber Nectar, Beauty's Touch, Romantic Rose, Dolce Pink and Bella Rosa

L-R Amber Nectar, Beauty's Touch, Romantic Rose, Bella Rosa and Dolce Pink

L-R Amber Nectar, Beauty's Touch, Romantic Rose, Bella Rosa and Dolce Pink

I bought two illuminating face powders in Amber Nectar which is the coral and Beauty's Touch which is the pink. These illuminating powders give a hint of colour if used heavily. On light skin tones these may pull of as blushes but on Medium- Dark skintones these act more as highlighters to give you that subtle glow. I also love the rose detail work on these powders. 

Next up I bought two of the baked blushes out of which one is matte. Dolce pink is a shimmery pink blush that is pigmented enough to show up on very dark skin tones too. Bella Rosa is a hot pink matte blush. This blush is very very pigmented. You will only need a tiny bit even on the darkest of skin tones.
Lastly I bought the Limited Edition blush in Romantic Rose which is a natural mauve matte blush. I bought this mainly for the detail on the blush. It is shaped like a rose and again it is very pigmented so I don't need a lot of product for it to show up on my skin.

Overall I love the quality of these blushes and highly recommend them if you can get hold of them.I have tried the Milani Baked blush in Luminoso but unfortunately that never showed up on my skin so I had to give it away. I usually buy my Milani products from Cherry Culture and Beauty Joint. They are both very good websites and provide International shipping.

Have you tried the Milani Blushes before? What do you think of them?


Friday, 1 August 2014

Priceline 40% off Skincare Haul

Hey guys,
 If you live in Australia you might have heard and even bought some skincare products from the Priceline 40% off sale. I had a long list products I really wanted to try and was keenly waiting for this sale. 

Almost all of these products I have not tried before but heard great things about. The Witch Hazel Toner is my only repurchase.  L'oreal's New Skin Perfecting range is all over the blogger/youtuber world and I am running out of my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum so I am very keen on seeing how this product performs. I also bought the Skin Perfection Magic Touch blur primer to use under my makeup. 
The Tarte Maracuja oil is one of my skin saviours and because of its unavailabilty in Australia I picked up the Swisse Maracuja oil. I hope this works as well as the Tarte oil. I was looking for the Palmers facial exfoliator but couldn't find it so I picked up the Indeed Exfoliator, again which is very talked about in the blogger/ vlogger world. 
I have read about the brand Formula 10.0.6 in a lot of blogs and bought these two face masks to try out.  Another brand I heard about recently is the Milk and Co. I read about the Face cleanser and Body Scrub on KitschSnitch's blog post and I trust her choices so I picked them up to try. Lastly I picked up a pack of facial wipes from Fuss Free Naturals, I don't use face wipes often but lately I have been wearing very minimal makeup and I have been wiping my face with face wipes at night instead of using a makeup remover. I don't like face wipes with alcohol so I am glad this one is all natural.

Milk Body Scrub $14.99 - $6 = $9
Milk Cleanser $16.99 - $6.79 = $10.20
Indeed Exfoliator $34.99 - $14 = $20.99
L'oreal Serum $29.99 - $11.99 = $18
Swisse Maracuja Oil $19.99 - $8 = $11.99
Fuss Free Naturals Wipes $6.99 - $2.79 = $4.20
Witch Hazel Toner $6.59 - $2.64 = $3.95
L'oreal Perfect Blur $22.99 - $9.19 = $13.80
10.0.6 Deep Down Mask $1.99 - $0.80 = $1.19
10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Mask $1.99 - $0.80 = $1.19

Total $157.50 - $63 = $94.50

I did spend a bit but I am glad to have not purchased these products full price. This way even if I do not like them atleast I got them on discounted prices and it doesn't hurt that much.

What did you pick up from the Priceline Sale? Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know what you think of them in the comments I would love to know.