Saturday, 9 August 2014

Ivory Lash Review

Hey guys,

Those who read my blog may know that I love false lashes and when I saw Ivory Lash on Instagram, I knew I had to try them out. 
Ivory Lash- "So this is how our story begun. Based in Sydney, we feel it is about time that affordable mink lashes are made available in Australia. We searched high and low to find a supplier that abide to our standards of quality and guaranteed no cruelty free practices. Luckily for us we found it, and we want to share this excitement with you. At Ivory Lash our mission is to enhance your naturally radiant eyes, we want all women of all ages to discover their inner goddess to feel confident and beautiful. Our products are made of the finest mink hair and handcrafted to ensure the quality of each lash. Each strand of lash is carefully placed onto a flexi cotton band to give your eyes a voluminous natural look. Mink lashes have a natural shine and luscious property that is almost indistinguishable to our own lashes. These lashes are especially comfortable for everyday use as they are soft and light as feather. No wonder mink false lashes quickly become an essential makeup accessory loved by many celebrities."
I have never tried Mink lashes before and although they are very expensive I find the quality of lashes remarkable. For everyone who has never tried false lashes before, I would recommend to try Mink Lashes atleast once and you are going to be hooked.  

The lashes I bought are the "Smitten Kitten" from the Natural collection. They come in a neat cardboard box with a plastic insert which hold the lashes. These lashes are as light as a feather and super luxurious feeling. This particular style starts off shorter at the inner corners, cris-crossing its way to the outer corners where the strands are longer. I personally find lashes on a thick band very uncomfortable and prefer lashes that have an invisible lash band. But Mink lashes have to have some support thus are on a thick cotton band. To my surprise these lashes were very comfortable to wear and I did not even feel them on my eyes. They also blend in very naturally and don't look as though I am wearing lashes. I don't like very long lashes as they look quite unnatural on me and these have the perfect length that I look for in lashes.
These lashes are also reusable to about 20-25 times if you take care of them so that comes down to $1 per application which is not bad at all, considering human hair / synthetic lashes can be used 4-5 times and retail for half the price but come down to $3-4 per application. The picture above is after 4 uses of the lashes and they still look like brand new.

Overall I am very happy with the quality of Ivory Lash in Smitten Kitten and would definitely love to try out more styles especially from their Plush collection. These lashes retail for $25 and can be bought from here.


  1. Oh wow these are stunning! You look amazing in false lashes, too! You can really see the quality! xx

  2. Beautiful love the look of these lashes
    I have few from different brand to try out but will keep these in mind

    Varinder Makeupmeandyoyo

    1. You should try these! They are just so soft and amazing!

  3. Gosh these are amazingly natural looking Reshma, and you look so beautiful in the pictures. That bright blue is definitely your colour hon xxx