Friday, 1 August 2014

Priceline 40% off Skincare Haul

Hey guys,
 If you live in Australia you might have heard and even bought some skincare products from the Priceline 40% off sale. I had a long list products I really wanted to try and was keenly waiting for this sale. 

Almost all of these products I have not tried before but heard great things about. The Witch Hazel Toner is my only repurchase.  L'oreal's New Skin Perfecting range is all over the blogger/youtuber world and I am running out of my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum so I am very keen on seeing how this product performs. I also bought the Skin Perfection Magic Touch blur primer to use under my makeup. 
The Tarte Maracuja oil is one of my skin saviours and because of its unavailabilty in Australia I picked up the Swisse Maracuja oil. I hope this works as well as the Tarte oil. I was looking for the Palmers facial exfoliator but couldn't find it so I picked up the Indeed Exfoliator, again which is very talked about in the blogger/ vlogger world. 
I have read about the brand Formula 10.0.6 in a lot of blogs and bought these two face masks to try out.  Another brand I heard about recently is the Milk and Co. I read about the Face cleanser and Body Scrub on KitschSnitch's blog post and I trust her choices so I picked them up to try. Lastly I picked up a pack of facial wipes from Fuss Free Naturals, I don't use face wipes often but lately I have been wearing very minimal makeup and I have been wiping my face with face wipes at night instead of using a makeup remover. I don't like face wipes with alcohol so I am glad this one is all natural.

Milk Body Scrub $14.99 - $6 = $9
Milk Cleanser $16.99 - $6.79 = $10.20
Indeed Exfoliator $34.99 - $14 = $20.99
L'oreal Serum $29.99 - $11.99 = $18
Swisse Maracuja Oil $19.99 - $8 = $11.99
Fuss Free Naturals Wipes $6.99 - $2.79 = $4.20
Witch Hazel Toner $6.59 - $2.64 = $3.95
L'oreal Perfect Blur $22.99 - $9.19 = $13.80
10.0.6 Deep Down Mask $1.99 - $0.80 = $1.19
10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Mask $1.99 - $0.80 = $1.19

Total $157.50 - $63 = $94.50

I did spend a bit but I am glad to have not purchased these products full price. This way even if I do not like them atleast I got them on discounted prices and it doesn't hurt that much.

What did you pick up from the Priceline Sale? Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know what you think of them in the comments I would love to know.



  1. So many bargains you got! I'm so shattered I missed out on it :( I've heard the Witch hazel toner and Indeed exfoliator are amazing! xxx

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

    1. I have not tried the Exfoliator before so can't say anything about it but the Witch Hazel toner I have been using for more than 3 years now.

  2. Great haul! I actually skipped out on this as I had no money haha :(

  3. Im broke too now because of this haul. Plus I am on a no spending ban for the month of August.

  4. Looks like you had a great haul, lovely! I actually avoided this because I didn't need anything currently! I love the packaging of the face wipes, though I don't use them except for when I'm doing swatches for the blog. :)

  5. I'd love to hear what you think of the milk and co cleanser! I love the packaging. I recently tried out the body scrub and I really liked that too! :) Awesome haul xx