Tuesday, 26 August 2014

L'oreal Infallible foundation Review

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I picked up the new L'oreal Infallible foundation a few weeks ago when they were on sale at Priceline and have been using it religiously since then. I have tested it a lot and think I can give you a really honest review about this foundation now. (Warning- Pic Heavy)

L'oreal - A make-up with superior hold and moisturising comfort for 24 hour flawless coverage, no touch ups required. Fighting imperfections and shine without compromising on moisture,  skin is left truly infallible.  With the added benefit of Hyaluronic fresh complex, skin is kept refreshed, hydrated and flawless with a foundation that lasts all day without ever caking or drying.
RRP $31.95

I am in the colour 150 Radiant Beige and this foundation comes in 7 shades ranging from the lightest being Vanilla and the darkest being Honey. I am an NC 37-40 in MAC and this shade suits me perfectly.
This foundation claims to have full coverage and ingredients to give a flawless hydrated base. I completely agree with the claims L'oreal have made, as this foundation is pretty darn impressive. I have very uneven skin with a lot of acne spots. By applying multiple thin layers, I can achieve almost full coverage (for my liking) with only this foundation. If I want to look completely flawless I will add a tiny bit of concealer but most days its only this foundation on my face. 

Left- Unblended, Right Blended over green vein In Shade.

Left- Unblended, Right Blended over green vein In direct sunlight.

I have used this foundation with multiple products and I am going to tell you what my favourite combo is. We will start with primer, I found that using a water based primer opposed to a silicone based one works really well and helps blend the foundation into the skin better. With a foundation like this it is very easy to have too much on your face. I have tried multiple brushes, sponges and my fingers but the best applicator I found for this foundation is the Real Techniques Buffing brush. Also use thin layers instead of putting on two pumps in one application, or else it cakes like crazy. Another thing I found with this foundation was using a loose powder to set it gives a flawless look, but using a pressed powder completely ruins the look. 
As you can see in the above pics I have blended the foundation over my wrist which has some veins showing and this foundation really covers the colour pretty well with just one this layer.

My favourite primer to use under the L'oreal Infallible foundation is the Australis Primer and I like setting it with the Australis Ready Set Go finishing powder. All these three products go really well together.

FOTD Wearing the Infallible foundation.

I do work long hours and have tested this foundation for 11 hours after application. It does emphasize dry patches so make sure to exfoliate and moisturize really well. First of all it oxidises so it is safe to go a shade lighter than you normally would. Secondly, you have to set it with a powder if you have oily/ combination skin or else you will look like a grease ball in 6 hours. Even with a powder I find that close to 7 hours I get a tiny bit shiny but blotting it with a tissue seems to fix the problem. After 9 hours there is some patchiness around my chin and nose. At the 10 hour mark it faded away from my forehead and cheek but not drastically. It didn't last 24 hours as it claims because I haven't tried it for that long but 10 hours is pretty long too so I am not complaining.

Overall I think this is a really good foundation if you are someone who doesn't have the time to touch up during the day and would like a flawless even finish. I do highly recommend this foundation if you can find your shade match which is my only complaint.

Have you tried the Infallible line from L'oreal? What do you think of it??


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