Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Essence Shimmer Powder in Bella's Secret

Hey Guys, 
The product I am reviewing today has been the only product that has been a staple in my makeup routine almost every single day. This has been a product I have been using religiously for the past 8 months. Its is the Essence Shimmer Powder in Bella's Secret, which came out in the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn collection. It is a shimmery champagne colour which you can use on your face as a highlight colour. I have used it on my browbone for a subtle highlight a lot of times too. Essence products are stocked at Priceline and Target in Australia.
I think I had purchased this for $5.50 or somewhere around that and you get 11g of product. I doubt I will ever hit pan on this even if I use it everyday for the next 10 years, because you only need a tiny amount of it.

This powder is very finely milled and looks gorgeous on the skin. It is not shimmery but it gives a beautiful sheen to the skin. I generally just tap my brush in it twice and sweep the product on my cheekbones. If you have pores this does accentuate them but if you prime your skin before makeup then it is not as obvious. I have seen a lot of people comparing this to The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer and I since I don't own it I can't really tell the difference. But by looking at the swatches online I can say Bella's Secret has a tiny bit more gold to it. 

In the swatch below I have used it quite heavily and done flash photography for it to show up on my skin. The left swatch is a finger swatch and the right one is same swatch blended in lightly. You can see there are no shimmer particles that stand out, but instead a soft sheen that can instantly brighten up your face.

Unfortunately this was limited edition but Essence does come out with different shimmer powders like it did with the Circus collection and they are quite similar. If you can still get your hands on these online I would definitely recommend it. 

Hope you are having a wonderful day.




  1. I agree this one is more gold..i have mary loumanizer and absolutely love it..its gorgeous!

  2. I love this one!!! Wanted to try the Mary lomanizer too but don't find the need to get more highlighters