Friday, 5 September 2014

My Winter Morning Skincare Routine

Hey guys,
Winter is almost over but I wanted to share with you my morning skincare routine that helped me beat the cold dry weather. Although we are now headed into spring I think I can continue this routine till we hit summer, where I might have to switch up a product or two.

Anyways as for now, I have been cleansing my face and applying a thin layer of Indeed Hydraluron- Everyone in the beauty community knows about this revolutionary product. I first thought it was a gimmic and went off it for a month. Thats when I noticed it did make a difference to my skin. My skin felt and looked more supple when I used this product. So I am back to it now and its here to stay. I already have a back up incase I run out of it.

While the Hydraluron dries I apply my favourite lip balm at the moment- Chapstick Cake Batter on my lips and also the Origins Super Spot Remover on any inflammed or obvious acne. I know this spot treatment is to be done on clean skin but I find this way it works better for me. While that dries I go onto my eyes and apply my Boots Serum 7 Anti Wrinkle Eyecream. I haven't noticed any anti-wrinkling happening under my eyes but this stuff helps keep my undereyes hydrated and also helps the concealer to not crease. 

Lastly I moisturize my face and neck with the L'oreal Youth Code Luminosity Moisturiser. This moisturiser has a nice sheen ( not exactly shimmer but very fine micro shimmers) in it and helps my skin look radiant. Even though I have oily combination skin, anything that helps my skin look glowy during the dry winter months are my best friends. 

Do you change your skin care products depending on the season? 

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