Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara Review

A few weeks back I went into The Body Shop to pick up a few body butters and shower gels and the lady at the counter offered to put a few samples in my bag to try. One of them was this mini super volume mascara. 

A range of long lasting, smudge-resistant mascaras that add incredible volume and colour to the lashes  
Lashes appear more volumised 
Ophthalmologically tested 
Suitable for contact-lens wearers

The brush is made of stubby fibres and has a spiral design, just like a screw. The product itself is quite a nice consistency, not too dry nor too wet - somewhere in between, which I like. There is a strange smell to it and I am not sure if it is only the one I got or all of them have it. I actually really liked the brush and the way it applied on my lashes. I had evenly distributed product on all my lashes and they were defined as well. 

Then came the part where I blinked and felt like someone sprayed a harsh chemical in my eye. My tears would just not stop. I quickly grabbed some makeup remover and took off all the mascara that was on my lashes. 
Unfortunately, this mascara did not work for me. I was not even able to put it on for a minute, forget a second coat. At first I thought I was being paranoid but I tried this almost four times till date and found the same result.

I really like The Body Shop as a company and their policies but this is not the first product that has disappointed me. I absolutely love their body butters and shower gels and expected a lot from their makeup too. 

This mascara retails for $23.95 and you can buy it from here.

Have you tried this mascara or any makeup product from The Body Shop?



  1. Oh no what a shame! Luckily you didn't purchase the entire mascara, that would have been awful! Guess it's a good thing you only got the sample!

  2. Im so glad I did not pay for it but bummed that it did not work for me. Thankfully it did not do any permanent damage.

  3. Have you tried any body shop make up products that you've liked? cause I wanted to try them out but now im not so sure :/

  4. I have tried their lipsticks and eyeshadows in store and they were really good but apart from that I have not tried a lot of their products.