Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Essence Blushes and Highlighters Collection

Hey guys,

This is part two of my Essence collection post and in this post I will b sharing with you all of my Essence blushes and highlighters. I absolutely adore some of these blushes and highlighters. 
Most of them are from their trend editions so they would be limited edition, but Essence comes out with trend editions almost every two months so you would definitely find something similar sooner or later.

(L-R) Circus Highlighter powder in It's Magic(L.E), Silky Touch blush in Secret It-Girl, Silky Touch Blush in Babydoll, Beauty Beats Blush in Groupie at heart(L.E), Twilight blush in Renesmee Red (L.E), Me and my Icecream Cream blush in Ice Bomb(L.E), Silky Touch blush in Life's a cherry, Twilight shimmer powder in Bella's Secret(L.E), Ticket to Paradise Shimmer Powder in Tropical Heat(L.E), Beauty Beats Shimmer powder in Swaaaag(L.E).
(L.E= Limited Edition)

(L-R) Bella's Secret, Tropical Heat, It's Magic, Swaaaag.

(L-R) Bella's Secret, Tropical Heat, It's Magic, Swaaaag.

I absolutely adore Essence shimmer powders. They all look similar but are quiet different on application. Bella's Secret is a champagne gold with very fine shimmer, Tropical Heat has more bronze tones to it. 
It's magic, is a pure yellow gold shimmer and Swaaaag is a frosted silver white with a tiny tinge of pink. 
Out of all of these four Bella's Secret had the least noticeable shimmer particles, next was Its magic. Both Tropical Heat and Swaaaag have noticeable shimmer particles and can look very chunky if not blended properly.

If your lucky you can still be able to find Swaaaag and Tropical Heat in some Priceline stores as they are from very recent Trend Editions.

(L-R) Renesmee Red, Life's a Cherry, Babydoll, Groupie at heart, Secret it-girl, Ice Bomb

Essence blushes are very hit and miss. Some I absolutely love, some not so much but they are not bad either.
 First off we have Renesmee Red which is a warm red with orange undertones and matte, to be used with a very light hand this gives a beautiful natural flush of rosy cheeks. Next is Life's a cherry, this is beautiful poppy pink with a satin finish, this blush is from the regular line so you can find it at all Pricelines and Targets. 
Babydoll is a cool toned baby pink with a satin finish again from the regular line. Groupie at heart is a vibrant watermelon pink with a matte finish.
Secret It-girl is a light peach with golden shimmer, the shimmer is not very chunky so it won't make you look like a disco ball. The last of the lot is the cream blush in Ice bomb. This was a part of the Me and my icecream collection that came out a few months ago. It is a smooth pinky coral with a satin finish.
Out of all the blushes I prefer the Renesmee red, Life's a cherry, Groupie at heart for my skin tone. The others are a little too light and I have to build up the colours to create the intensity. In saying that I do still like all of them.
(L-R) Renesmee Red, Life's a Cherry, Babydoll, Groupie at heart, Secret it-girl, Ice Bomb
Essence Cosmetics can be found at all Pricelines and Targets in Australia.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my Essence cheek collection. If you have tried any of these products before then let me know what you think of them in the comments below.


  1. Lovely post, I think the limited edition products are without a doubt my favourite kind of Essence products! I have some of these products and I love them :) x

    1. It is an amazing brand. Great products, low price.

  2. The're amazing I wish I could have more :<

  3. I've never tried and Essence products but I keep reading all of these great reviews about their stuff. I will definitely have to pick a couple of these up next time I'm out. The highlighter colors are so pretty.