Monday, 17 March 2014

Essence Tribal Summer Collection

Essence released its Tribal Summer Trend edition at Target just a few weeks ago and I bought a few products to share with you guys. I did not go overboard this time and just bought the products I would use.

The Trend Edition came with

Liquid Blush - 01 Waka Waka $4.25
Pigments - 01 Na-Rock, 02 Waka Waka, 03 Inti Inka and 04 Copper earth $4.25 each
Nail Polishes - 01 Waka waka, 02 Inti inka, 03 Ta-la-ra, 04 Tipi-ya-yeah and 05 Na-rock $2.75 each
Long Lasting Lipsticks - 01 Na-rock and 02 Waka Waka $4.10 each
Bronzer - 01 Inti Inka $5.35
Oil Blotting sheets - 01 Matte Me Pacha Tulum $3.50
Feather hair extension - 01 Inka's soul $4.25
Tip Painter Set - 01 Aztecs Ceremony $5.35

I picked up the 4 pigments and the bronzer from this collection as everything else did not appeal much to me. I used to be a pigment hater almost a year ago because they are messy to work with. But I have found how versatile they are and I love playing with them now. Pigments are not cheap so when I saw these I had to buy them all. They are gorgeous colours and if I don't want to use them I could always press them into eyeshadows (or blush for the pink one)

Pigments in Na-Rock, Inti-Inka, Waka Waka and Copper earth.

What is a trend edition with out a powder, be it highlighter or bronzer. The Tribal Summer edition came with this bronzer which I think would make a better highlighter  for most skin tones. It is not dark enough to be a bronzer and its orange. When used with a light hand it picks up enough colour to be used as a highlighter for the cheek bones for my skin tone.
Bronzer in Inti Inka

Bronzer in Inti Inka

L-R Pigments in Na-Rock, Inti-Inka, Waka Waka and Copper earth. Bronzer in Inti Inka

Available Exclusive to Target in Australia. Did you pick up anything from this Trend Edition? 



  1. Love essence products they are so gorgeous and eye catching
    Every time I visit my priceline they hardly have any product from this range they run out really quickly

  2. I got just one lipstick from this collection which is really nice, but I'm so regretting not picking up those pigments! Gah they're so beautiful! I might head back to my Target tomorrow and pray they haven't been ravished! xx