Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Priceline 40% off all Cosmetics Sale Haul

Hey guys, 
Priceline had a 40% off all cosmetics sale for two days, Tuesday and Wednesday. All makeup was 40% off and my local priceline was filled with girls swatching and testing and filling thier shopping baskets with products. Literally there was no place to move, it was jam packed. I bought only a few things as most of the things I wanted were sold out or out of stock. 

The first thing I bought was the Nude by Nature liquid mineral foundation in Medium. I have heard mixed reviews about this brand and wanted to try the products out as I have been loving thier mineral primer.

I also bought the new Covergirl Ink it pencil liner in Black ink. This stuff will last all day. The swatch I did on my hand wouldn't budge even with makeup remover. I guess oil cleansing will be the only way this will come off.

The next three products are from Models Prefer and I love this brand. These products are fairly new atleast thats what I think because I have not seen them before.

The first thing is the Infinite Colour Lipliner in forever pink. It is a gorgeous bright pink. Great to pair with Maybelline's Vivid Rose or Ysl Rouge Volupte in Rose Culte.

Next is this beautiful bright blue Infinite Colour Eye Pencil liner in Blue lagoon. Super creamy, more creamier than the Rimmel Scandaleyes and super pigmented. Both these liners have very good staying power. Just like the Ink it liners I cannot take them off with makeup remover.

The last thing I bought is The Models Prefer Infinite Colour lipstick in Indulge me. It is a long wearing matte lipstick. Wore it today lasted me a good 7 hours without fading. I did drink and eat within that time but the lipstick stayed put. It has a little sticky texture when on the lips but the application was smooth. I will have to use the lipstick a few more times to see if I actually like it but for now it stays in my work handbag.

Price List:

Nude by Nature Foundation RRP $39.95 after discount $23.97
Covergirl Ink it RRP $13.95 after discount $8.37
Models Prefer Eye Liner RRP $8.99 after discount $5.39
Models Prefer Lip liner RRP $7.99 after discount $4.80
Models Prefer Lipstick RRP $11.99 after discount $7.19
  Total $49.72   Savings $33.15

Overall I am very happy with my purchases and really excited as I can try more products without paying full price for it.  Now I am waiting for Priceline's skincare sale to stock up on some holy grails. 

Did you splurge on makeup in the Priceline Sale?? Also have you tried any of these products and what do you think of them?

Till next time,


  1. Great haul! I decided against spending anything on this sale since my trip to Tokyo is fast approaching and I need all the money I can get! I'm super jealous though haha, you got some amazing stuff! xx

  2. I need to stop spending too but sometimes you just cant resist!!

  3. Nice haul!!! I loved the bright blue eye pencil.