Saturday, 30 November 2013

New Essence Lipsticks

Hey guys,

Essence has come out with a new range of lipsticks which are the Long Lasting lipsticks. They have 10 colours ranging from nudes to reds. I bought three of them to try out and I am definitely going back to buy more.

They retail for $4.10 in Priceline and Target and the colours available are

01) Coral Calling
02) All you need is red
03) Dare to wear
04) On the catwalk
05) Dare to be nude
06) Barely There
07) Natural Beauty
08) Colour Crush
09) Wear Berries
10) Cotton Candy

I bought Number 5, 7 and 9 and would go back to buy 8 and 10. The swatches are as follows

These lipsticks lasted me 4 hours without any food and drinks and faded after that. They are a creamy satin finish which moisturizes your lips and does not dry them out. I would not call them long lasting because they do wear off within 4 hours especially if you are eating or drinking but for the price reapplying them is not a big issue for me. They are quite sheer on the first application but you can build the colour up.
The lipsticks come in a sleek black tube with the letter "E" embossed in the lipstick. The middle of the tube has a band of the colour of the lipstick, so you can see what colour it is without opening the product.  They do have a funny scent, similar to the Rimmel Apocolips but not as strong. Once applied you can't smell it so thats a good thing for me because I hate that scent. 

Overall I love these lipsticks and would definitely recommend trying them out. Packaging and colour selection wise Essence has done a great job.

Have you tried these lipsticks out yet???

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  1. lovely lipsticks.. i loved the nude one... essence is available in mumbai as well.,.. wanna try their stuff now .. nice review n swatches!!