Saturday, 2 November 2013

Couleur Caramel Eyeshadows Review

Hey guys,

About two months ago, I was introduced to this brand Couleur Caramel through Twitter which is a certified organic Makeup Brand. They have a beauty ambassadors program through which we can get 50% off all items for one year. To know more about this program you can visit their face book page here
The Couleur Caramel range consists of eyeshadows, cream eyeshadows, eye liners, pencils,lipsticks,blushes, concealers, foundations and much more. 

I wanted to try things one by one so the first products I bought were two eyeshadows. The two colors I bought were Pearly Plum Brown eyeshadow 111044 and Vintage Beige Matt eyeshadow 111117.

All Matte eyeshadows contain 3.3% active plant based ingredients which include organic grape seed oil, organic shea butter, organic sunflower seed oil, karanja seed oil, red tea extract etc. Pearly shadows contain 7.7% active plant based ingredients. 

Firstly the packaging is super cute, it comes in a slim cardboard pack with a see thru window where you can see the colour of the eyeshadow. You can leave them in this packaging or you can pop them out and place them in a Z palette or something. You get 2.5 gms of product for $24.45 which is way cheaper than a MAC eyeshadow where you get 1.5gms of product for $33. Plus you are using an organic product. 

The pigmentation of both the eyeshadows are amazing. You can use them lightly for a wash of colour or pack it on for an intense look. The pearly plum brown shade is a cool toned shimmery taupe colour and the vintage beige matt shade is a light beige great for blending. 

I had put both these colors to test with and without eyeshadow primer. On my oily lids only a few eyeshadows last even with a primer so I was very pleased to see the results. Without primer both eyeshadows lasted 4.5 hours without creasing. With primer, the pearly eyeshadow lasted 7 hours and he matte eyeshadow lasted almost 8 hours which was remarkable. I did use them all over the eyelid and tested them over a few days just to be sure.

Overall I am highly impressed with the quality of the products and the fact that they are not damaging to your skin makes me want even more. I can't wait to try out some lippies and face products from them too.

Have you heard of Couleur Caramel brand before?? What do you think of their products?


  1. I'm trying their stuff at the moment too! Did a review one a lipstick and trying out a face powder at the moment!! Will definitely check out their eye shadows next! :)

    Sofia X

    1. I am highly impressed! Can't wait to read what you think of them

  2. I haven't heard about them! Looks good!
    Happy Diwali to you!!!

    1. Happy diwali niesha!! Unfortunately I can't see if they ship Internationally but I will find out and let you know.

  3. never heard of this brand earlier but shade looks great!

  4. I can't believe I've never heard of this brand before! I'm all about using products that are as natural as possible. Would you happen to know if these eyeshadows are vegan as well? I think I would be in heaven haha

    Debra Bros Blog

  5. the colors are lovely bt then unavailable here :((