Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Lust Have It FAB Box August 2014

Hey guys,
I recieved the August Lust Have it FAB box a few days ago and I want to share with you the contents of this box. 
For those who don't know what the FAB box is, It is a monthly subscription service by Lust Have it which contains 4-5 Fashion and Beauty items each month. This box is a little more expensive than the Lust Have it Beauty box and retails for $35. I joined this service because I was quite impressed with the contents last month and I thought it was totally worth the $35 you spend each month.

In this month's box we got the products in a pink mesh bag, which I really like because its a fine mesh and can be used for so many things. The products included three Butter London nail polishes in Lovely Jublee, which is a purple glitter nail polish with pink, red and blue glitter in it; British Racing Green which is a metallic dark forest green and Crumpet which is a nude skintone beige colour. Although I really like the colours I am not a nail polish person and don't wear it at all. I would have been happier if they had included atleast one makeup item instead of three nail polishes. Nonetheless, Butter London is a very good brand for nail polishes and they are quite expensive too. Here they say it retails for $22 each but when I checked online on Adore Beauty, I found these three colours were on sale for $19.95 each, which is still quite expensive for one nail polish. 
There were also some vouchers included this month, but I don't use them so they went straight in the bin.

This box also came with two beautiful jewelry peices which I am totally in love with. I have nothing like these in my collection and they are great for the spring and summer. The quality of the jewelery is quite nice and heavy and definitely don't feel cheap. I don't think they are worth the price it says on the card, like you could get stuff like this from Colette and Lovisa for around $12-$20, but nonetheless they are still very pretty and I love them.

Overall I am quite impressed although I would have loved atleast one makeup item instead of so many nail polishes. Still this box was worth well more than $35 and I can't wait for the next box to come out. 

Have you subscribed to any Fashion and Beauty Boxes? Do you think they are worth it?


  1. That Lovely Jubbly one is nice....seems a gr8 deal with this box