Friday, 20 June 2014

Social Eyes Lashes by Karissa Pukas Review

Hey guys,

Most of you would know that beauty Youtuber Karissa Pukas came out with her own Lash brand about 6-7 weeks ago and I bought a few of her lashes to try out and see how they matched up to the leading lash brands. 
We are an eyelash company based out of Sydney, Australia. After discovering  the strong need for affordable, high quality lashes in the Australian market, Socialeyes (the brainchild of Karissa and Hayden Pukas) was born! Socialeyes lashes are hand crafted from the highest quality human hair and offers a range of style for every eye shape and size. 

When I first saw the website I was a bit skeptical but when I saw the prices I couldn't stop myself from making a purchase. The lashes range from $3.95 to $5.95 and shipping within Australia and New Zealand is a flat rate of $5. They also provide International Shipping for a flat rate of $10. I received my order within 3 days, so thats a thumbs up already. The styles that I bought were Flirt, Dazzle and Delight.

Social Eyes Dazzle Lashes

Social Eyes Flirt Lashes

Social Eyes Delight Lashes

I must say I am very impressed with the quality and cost of these lashes. I do like the Flirt lashes more than the other two because the Dazzle is a little sparse for me ( I still like it, but love the Flirt more ) and the Delight was too packed. The Delight lashes, as you can see in the picture had a weird bend that I just could not fix. Nonetheless I am sure I will get use out of all of them. I have used the Flirt Lashes three times already and I am very impressed with how it has withheld its shape. I am sure I will get another 5-6 uses out of it. The other two lashes I have only tried on once but I am sure you can get ATLEAST 4-5 uses out of each lash if you take care of them after each application.
I think these lashes will take over the Lash market very soon because of its affordability and quality. Now I really want to try the other styles that they have to offer, especially the Ravishing Lashes. If you want to purchase any of these lashes you can here



  1. These look gorgeous! I love your pictures too, you can really see how nice they look up close! xx

    1. Thank You Jasmine! If you like false lashes you should give these a go.

  2. These look really lovely :)
    I am not a huge fan of false lashes myself... not saying that my own lashes are amazing.. it is just that I can´t put on false lashes properly and I find false lashes rather uncomfortable... need to give them a new try though :)
    Lovely blog you have :)
    Oh btw, LOVE the eyeshadow you are wearing in the pics above :)

    1. Aww Thank you so much for the lovely compliments!
      I used to be very scared to apply false lashes too but one tool has made a massive difference in my application. I have a blog post on that if you would like to read about it. Just search eyelash tweezer

  3. I never thought different type of eyelashes can make so much difference!! Well you have beautiful eyes! :)

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