Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Eyelash Applicator / Tweezer Review

Hey guys, 
Since my last post was about False Lashes I thought I should have a separate post on how I started wearing falsies and what tremendously helped me master the art of applying them.
I used to be very clumsy at applying false lashes, I had tried so many brands, glues, normal tweezers (poked myself in the eye), huge bulky plastic applicators and what not, but still couldn't apply false lashes. Sometimes they just wouldn't stick on my eye or just go way above the lash line. I always had trouble applying them and totally gave up. After sometime I was just going through Jaclyn Hill's Youtube when I came across her video on how to apply false lashes. I loved how she went through a step by step process and showed exactly what to do. I then realized I was doing everything right except for how I was placing them on my eye. 

I then quickly pulled out this amazing tool, which I actually got for free when I made some Ebay order I don't even remember and used it to apply my lashes. That day was one of the most exciting days of my life. I then used a number of lashes and different glues to practice with my tool, just to get very comfortable with it. 
I found that it was easy to place the lashes on the lash line without obstructing the view or stabbing myself because there is no sharp pointed edge. The base of the tweezer helps going over the applied lashes to stick them in place. 
All in all this is a tool I recommend you to try if you are new to applying false lashes. It may look a little daunting when you look at it first but with practice I promise you can master applying falsies. For $1 you can't really go wrong. Yes! this tool costs $1 and you can buy it from here.

I swear, if it hadn't been for this applicator I would still be stabbing my eye trying to apply falsies.



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