Tuesday, 11 June 2013

MAC lip pencil Spice dupe

Hey guys!!

So there has always been this hype about all Bollywood Actressess loving the MAC Spice lip pencil for thier nude lips and it has been featured in a lot of magazines too. So I went ahead and bought it but when I came home I realized I have other nude brownish lip liners and wanted to see how they compare. So after a lot of trial and error I came down to two of my lipliners out of which one is almost an identical dupe for MAC Spice.

I compared it with Maybelline Lip liner in 20 Nude and Essence lip liner in 04 Honey bun.

The Maybelline Nude lip pencil has more of pink undertones to it and is also more creamy and has a slight sheen to it and on the lips also it does not look anywhere close to MAC Spice. So I went on to my next pencil, Essence lip liner in Honey Bun which is more close in texture to Spice. Honey bun also has some pink undertones but the colour should be compared on the lips and not just by hand swatches. So I tried them on my lips using Spice on one half and Honey bun on the other half of my lips.

On the above picture that I swatched the product on the back of my hand you can see the difference in colour. But we use a lip liner on the lips not the hand so below is a picture of me wearing the two pencils. Also they are my bare lips and there was no foundation or concealer applied to neutralize my lip colour.

This pic was taken in day light and with no artificial lighting and honestly I could not tell any difference between the two sides. Infact I wore this out to work and no one noticed a difference in my lips.
I have taken this picture below with concealer applied on my lips and now you can see a tiny bit of difference between the two halves.

Spice on the right and Honey bun on the left. 

So probably when applied on bare lips because of the pigmentation on the lips these two apply exactly the same but thats how we apply a lip liner on a daily basis so rather than spending $30 on the Mac pencil, I would buy Honey Bun and use it as a close dupe.

What do you guys think??

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  1. I agree adding it to my spreadsheet for when I start the MAC lipliner dupes list.