Saturday, 5 April 2014

Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips in Madgenta Review

I was introduced to the brand Klara Cosmetics at Salon Melbourne which was held two weeks ago and I picked up the famous Kiss Proof Lips in 10 'Madgenta' from them. Klara is an Australian owned and designed brand that concentrated to make superior quality cosmetics with 100% pigmentation. 

Klara Cosmetics’ cult and most-wanted product. No matter how much you play around, this lipstick will never betray you. Consisting of 100% pigmentation, Kiss Proof gives you 24-hour long lasting matte lips, full coverage  and high voltage shades that make lips pop in 60 seconds. A stunning range of tones, from classic nudes to the hottest notice-me colours, that don’t smudge, fade or bleed all day. Recommended and tested by passionate women who don’t want to leave any evidence.

Available in 11 different shades to suit all skin tones, Klara Kiss Proof lips are here to stay. These liquid lipsticks apply smoothly with no mess and seal to a matte finish that won't budge till you want to take them off. You can eat and drink and you won't have to reapply your lipstick but I would stay away from excessive oily foods. Oil tends to break the pigment in these lipsticks. I applied the lipstick at 5.30 am and till about 4 pm, I still had it on with no smudging or budging. I also recommend exfoliating and moisturizing your lips pretty well before you use this, as it will emphasize dry lips. If you like matte lippies you should check these out.

One layer of Klara Kiss Proof Madgenta

Available online for $29 you get 8ml of product which is very good for the price. I wanted to compare these to the Lime Crime Velvetine in Pink Velvet and so I used Klara one day to work and Lime Crime the next day. This is what I found
  • Klara Kiss proof was more pigmented than the velvetine. One layer is all you need. It is a little thicker in texture so thats where the pigmentation comes from. Velvetine is very watery and you need two to three layers to match up the pigmentation.
  • Klara Kiss Proof did not transfer after it set which was in 30 seconds. I did the 'kiss the back of my hand test' and the Velvetine transfered even after 5 minutes of application.
  • After lunch the Velvetine balled up and wore off in patches on my lips thus I had to reapply. Klara was not that bad but it did fade from the inner part of my lips, I didn't feel the need to reapply as it wasn't seen.
  • Velvetine made my lips feel dry after I took it off. Klara came off easily with makeup remover and I did not feel the need to apply a lip balm. It just felt like normal lips.
  • Velvetine stained my lips- they were pink for two days. Klara came off completely with just regular makeup remover.
  • You get value for money with Klara as it is $29 for 8ml while the Velvetine is $24 for 2.6ml.
  • There is also a wide variety of colors to choose from with Klara which is 11 vs 3 in Velvetines. 
I am not saying that the Lime Crime Velvetines are a bad product, they are really good but compared to the Kiss Proof lips I think they lack behind a little.

Honestly, I am amazed by the pigmentation of some of the products I checked out at Salon Melbourne from Klara Cosmetics. I was not expecting a lot, thus I bought only one shade but now I am kicking myself that I should have bought more. I am also eyeing their matte eyeshadows and base products as I would like to see how they perform. 

Kiss Proof Lips shades

Golden Rose, Natural Pink, Passion Pink, Neon Hot Pink, Flaming Red, Vintage Burgundy, Sienna Nude, Neon Tangerine, Watermelon Kiss, Madgenta and Psycho Violet.
Available for purchase here.

Have you tried any product from the Klara Cosmetics range? Let me know in the comments what you think of them.



  1. I loved this lipstick on ur lips.. such awesome shades :)
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  2. I bought a bunch of these at Salon Melbourne, they were amazing! xx

  3. I have similar color to yours and I love it.BTW i nominated you for Liebster Award reshma
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  4. It looks amazing!
    Looks like another online purchase for me!
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