Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Inglot Lip Paint and Gloss duo in 17

So you guys already know I love my lip products so I thought I shall add one more to my most loved list. The Inglot lip paints are one of the most amazing things I have ever come across. It feels like a lipstick but shows up like a pigmented gloss. Its just phenomenal how good it makes you look.

The duo I have is in the number 17 which has one lip paint and one gloss. I have not tried the gloss yet but I did wear the lip paint to an event once and everyone complimented my lips.

I love the formulation of this lip paint as it makes your lips look super glossy but is never sticky.

(White light)

(Yellow light)

Pigmentation wise also this lip paint is amazing. The colour in the tub is whats on the lips. If you are like me who hates lip glosses simply because they are sticky then these are for you. I wore this for about 3 hours without eating or drinking and it stayed put. I had a drink after that and the shine did come off a little but there was a lipstick like stain left which came off after dinner. So this is not a long wearing lip product but that is with any lipstick or gloss anyways ( unless they are those extremely drying lip products). 

After the stain came off I did not feel any dryness or flakyness on my lips. They were just normal so I guess its the moisture from this product that stays. I bought this from Inglot for $12.50 as it was on a 50% off sale but usually it retails for $25.

Pros : 
Glossy but not sticky
Amazing pigmentation
Does not bleed without a lip pencil
Packaging is sturdy will not open in the makeup bag
Does not show fine lines of the lips

Need to carry a lip brush and mirror to reapply
Can melt in the heat and get all messy
Packaging can break if fallen down with force
Low staying power

Overall I personally love this product. I would recommend going in store and checking them out. Im sure if you try one you will go back for more.

Ps: any product with a red dot sticker on it is usually 50% off in the store.

If you have tried the lip paints let me know what you think of it


  1. this one is really pretty

  2. omg. . A product worth drooling. . .ur lips luks stunning. .i wish i cud this prodct. . :)